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15 slogans inspired by freelance translation

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Dear all,

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but I think it’s time to share some of my slogans with you. These phrases are inspired by translation and everyday life as a translator, freelancer and mom. Which translates to things you can’t exactly predict as some of these popped out of nowhere!

As you will see, a few of these phrases are inspired by titles of movies and other famous sayings but still they are mine so please bear in mind that if you need to use them in anyway please kindly indicate the source. Commercial or marketing use of these slogans isn’t allowed without permission.

1. It’s never too (trans) late.

2. When the cat’s away, the mice will translate.

3. Natural born translators will always try to translate silence.

4. Translate your emotions.

5. Translation is embedded into life. The things we say or do often get translated, mistranslated or completely lost in translation.

6. Freelance translator: Owner of a life between deadlines, coffee cups and hopes for a better pay.

7. Some women wish they could afford diamonds. Others wish they could afford a baby-sitter.

8. Coffee is a translator’s best friend.

9. Having trouble with a foreign text? Hiring a professional translator is what you should do first!

10. Translators rewrite the world so you can have a better life in it.

11. Freelancing and raising kids on a budget isn’t as hard as you think. It’s actually a lot harder.

12. Nobody is going to wait until you are ready so forget about not being ready and follow your dreams now.

13. There are two ways to achieve work life balance when you have kids: Hire a baby-sitter or a cleaning lady or both.

14. A shy translator meets deadlines. An extrovert one also meets direct clients.

15. The text is yet to come.

Those are the 15 slogans I have right now. Let me know which one you like best and if you are interested (or know someone who is) in hiring me to write catchy phrases for, let’s say, a marketing campaign, I will be delighted to do it. It would be fun! Just email me at mgdp05 (at) gmail (dot) com.


Palissandro Vivace or…how translation work reminds you not to “forget” the little details

Yesterday was one of those days. Precisely for that reason, I’m “pampering” myself with a quick post this morning before I continue working. I woke up at 7.45 which isn’t good enough. I was actually hoping to post this yesterday but it was impossible. So this is a somewhat vivace post that serves as a break from translation. Oh, and talking about breaks I know that a real break is away from the computer screen.

Palissandro vivace – the inspiration for this post – is ..a hair colour I was translating yesterday and I must admit it wasn’t easy to translate it into Greek. Palissandro is rosewood in English.

Now, what did this lively rosewood reminded me of?

That I bought a hair colour in Greece – the brand is KORRES, a Greek brand, and I completely forgot about it. I did look at it before putting it on the shelf when I unpacked but I fear that if I don’t use it now, I will forget about it and it will go out of date (like I did with another hair colour product) which translates to dedicating no time for the nice, little details of everyday life.

Perhaps this post might serve as a reminder?!

A presto.

Coffee drinking trick for better productivity. Excellent for mompreneurs and freelancers on some serious deadlines



A quick tip!

Make your day longer by doing this: After lunch, wash your dishes. A clean sink is good for your health especially when your kid comes back from school and before you prepare dinner. Before you finish cleaning up, start making coffee. Pour it in your favourite cup. Drink it. Go take a nap for at least 20 minutes. You can sleep longer (try not to overdo it the way I sometimes do) but the point of doing this is to sleep for the duration of the time caffeine starts having effect.

Read this article here for more info (I have known about this technique for a few years, quickly googled it and this article cropped up – it’s from 4 days ago, so go read it).



September chaos among luggage and five translations

Dear all,

Returning to Italy yesterday evening with a handful of luggage, boxes, bags to find four translation projects waiting in my email (all four clients wrote yesterday while I was on the way back home), while another one is currently underway (good thing I worked on the ferry…while a group of Portoguese travellers were singing) is NOT what I had in mind.

Not to mention that I’d need three days to clean the house and I need to go out to sort out bills, payments etc. Good thing I’m not doing this alone.

To show you how bad it is, I’m not ready to send my little one to school even if that would help speed up the unpacking and cleaning process.

Two months of absence has its drawbacks I guess if you freelance but if it wasn’t hard where’s the fun? (my little one just brought me a glass of water which translates to something that looks like a smile).

Hope your September is exciting too.


When a translation project leads to chocolate and some very fine vintage Greek creativity

Yesterday I finally delivered the big website translation I was working on throughout June and July (my favourite project) and I’m now working on an advertising translation about chocolate. While looking up a term, I came across some fabulous vintage posters of ION one of the best Greek chocolate brands which translates to...definitely going to buy one soon! ION is one of those brands you will not find in Italy.

For more information about ION you can their website. This is the English version.

Enjoy the pics!


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