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When a translation project leads to chocolate and some very fine vintage Greek creativity

Yesterday I finally delivered the big website translation I was working on throughout June and July (my favourite project) and I’m now working on an advertising translation about chocolate. While looking up a term, I came across some fabulous vintage posters of ION one of the best Greek chocolate brands which translates to...definitely going to buy one soon! ION is one of those brands you will not find in Italy.

For more information about ION you can their website. This is the English version.

Enjoy the pics!

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Art that speaks to you can increase your productivity



Many of us have prints or paintings of famous artists in our homes. Kandinsky. Picasso. Monet. Van Gogh. Some were gifts, some just happened to be among our stuff from frequent house moves, others bought at flea markets and antique shops or meticulously sought after on eBay.

Out of all the paintings or art objects you own, is there something in particular that talks to your heart?

Or is the art that covers your walls something conventional, something you like but something that doesn’t appeal to you on a psychological and emotional level?

How about decorating your work space with prints, paintings, photos or art objects that talk to our heart which translates to having a permanent source of inspiration?


Each artwork evokes particular feelings depending on who the viewer is. It’s like love.

Wouldn’t you “hate” looking at a Kandinsky abstract painting if you are the romantic type who is obsessed with pre-Raphaelite paintings?

Wouldn’t it be a “waste” of energy, money and a “compromise” to your emotional well-being, creativity and productivity to constantly observe something that doesn’t really speak to you and consequently isn’t really helping you?


A work of art or an art object (for example motivational quotes into a frame) are the product of creativity, passion, inspiration and of course experience.

The juice of life.

By picking something that represents your life philosophy and your heart’s desire, you are letting yourself get emotional.

Being surrounded by art that speaks to your heart, is the beginning of a spark. A permanent spark that touches your sensibilities and entices you to react to that spark.

If you are inspired by George Clooney or Justin Timberlake or other out-of-reach objects of desire, that’s fine. As long as they help your productivity and as long as they spark a positive reaction.

That positive reaction is incorporated into your work.

I personally like Gerard Butler but looking at him will not make me more productive (except if I wanted to write a script for a love story that will never work).

Sentimental is good (art objects). Too sentimental is bad (Gerard Butler).


Works of art open up new doors because of all the imagination they have absorbed during their making.

If you want to be more productive, you have to be surrounded by manifestations of creative work which mean something to you.

Or will a beautiful view to the park from your window suffice?

Well, I guess you know better.

You will certainly seek inspiration from nature, events and people and you should.

But art differs. It ignites a flame. It talks to your soul. Art has power.

It’s a result of human creativity and a blend of things people experience. Things that can’t be described with words. Things that you can’t see while watching the rain from your window.

Or am I wrong? Can a raindrop help you be more productive in your work the way a personal experience (as expressed into art) does?

Being surrounded by visually pleasing to the eye and the senses objects, our spirit is lifted and our productivity is triggered. On a regular basis too.

While inspiration comes and goes, art works are those permanent features in our area of work that keep talking to us.

Art is also a way to heal. To distract us from mundane sad stories.

Think of a gloomy day.You need something strong to make you feel better. You need a statement.

Art is the statement you are looking for.

Pick your very favourite works of art to decorate your office / work area. The excitement that art brings will give you words, vowels, concepts and new territories.