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An eye operation, a book, a fainting episode or saying goodbye to 2016

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It’s been a while I haven’t written on my blog. I kind of owe it to myself to write one last piece for the year about to end. Which translates to… trying to account for my mental whereabouts since April. I think I will just focus on the present.

First of all, I have a confession to make. I was thinking of abandoning this blog (and perhaps start a new one some time in the future) as I thought of blogging as an interference with everything else. That is why I haven’t written in 8 months. I gave priority to other things. And I got some pretty cool results, as you will find out if you patiently read along. I trust you will.

What did I learn from this blogging hiatus? Love for writing cannot be an interference with life. And when it does, you take a break.

Taking a break from writing has been impossible, though. The year 2016 has been a good one for me because I have finally finished and published my book Tapping Into Translators’ Creativity. Incredible. I did it. I got there, before the end of the year.

And this is one item off the list, my wish list, my writing wish list. The book is out for the world to read. That’s all I wanted. My exclusive relationship with the manuscript has ended.

A few days prior to the big day of my book’s release, my 7 year old went through an eye operation. I had hoped to avoid being busy with work before and after the operation and, fortunately, nothing major (that I could not manage) happened. Besides the book. I wanted the book to go live before the end of the year and considering it was impossible to have everything ready before December, it had do be right before Xmas and… a few days after the operation.

Theoretically speaking, being ready to publish isn’t exactly the best way to describe the end of a writing journey. The writing journey never ends. Right now, I am thinking of ways the book could be even better. But projects need a deadline and I gave me one.

I will make a tiny parenthesis here to say that in my book I speak of deadlines and of writers and translators. The writers featured in this respect are Tracy Chevalier who wrote her book Girl With a Pearl Earring on a 9-month (biological) deadline and Fyodor Dostoevsky who wrote The Gambler on a 1-month deadline because of an agreement he had with the publisher. Money problems. Inspiring stories we all need to know about. Us whose life is determined by deadlines.

And there I was at the hospital after the operation, fainting. Because of fear, of concern, of love. And because I have a low blood pressure. Let’s be realistic. I know what it means to go through an eye operation, as I went through one myself. But when it happens to someone so close to you, the feelings are just incomparable.

The nurses were nice to their patient (and to me). They gave me tea. I still need to arrange an appointment with my doctor to talk about this, when I am done with a couple of translations, when I am done with 2016. Here’s another deadline for me. See?

I wish you a happy new year and lots of interesting things to pursue!

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Blogging as a reflection of the phase you are in

{What we love most gets reflected in our movements. The more we practice what we love, the more graceful our dance is.}

When I created my first blog, it was for a very specific niche. I had a passion for mosaics and I wanted to write about that. I no longer write much on that blog except for a series of posts that I have prepared a long time ago regarding the etymology of the word mosaic.

Since my experience with blogging started on the “wrong” foot (which I don’t exactly believe and that’s why “wrong” is in inverted commas) , I thought it would be interesting to share it with others. Who knows. Someone might be going or has gone through the same phase.

Round about the same time I created that blog, I was starting out as a freelance translator and had absolutely no idea where translation would take me.

I also had no idea that translation blogs or sites existed.

Basically, I had only heard of the word “blog” and that’s it.

And so one day, I googled “blog” and Blogger cropped up and I created my first blog which at first was called Musing Over Mosaic.

Funny thing. Funny – as to make you laugh and wonder at the same time – is that my first post on that blog was called: “I’m not blessed with writing skills” which is still true but I’d like to think I will eventually get better at writing if I keep on writing and reading. I guess what I lack in talent, I compensate with self-knowledge!

But the main issue here is that my primary concern was mosaic art and not writing, even if writing was something I always did.

And this – perhaps and at some extent – explains why I started a writing blog only a few months ago (November 2013). Perhaps.

Which translates to blogging being a reflection of the phase you are in and of the things that matter most at the time you start blogging.

In 2010, I was really excited about mosaics which were somehow part of my life. I even managed to make mosaics on commission in Italy and Greece. That was big for me.


As I evolved through translation work, I found myself more and more closer to words and more distant from art. Especially mosaic art.

The more you become acquainted with one thing, the less you require the presence of something else. You know it too. It applies to all things.

Mosaic was becoming something of a friend which I still loved but who was living in Australia and had no internet connection or land line was often breaking up when we talked. That’s a good metaphor to describe it.

Today it feels as if my identity as a blogger comes from tesserae I initially scattered into that first blog. Pieces that acquired a stronger colour and visibility because of translation and now through writing. This is how much I owe to translation!

And the more I wrote on {which translates to…}, the less I needed to write on the other blog.

If it’s true that your home is where your heart is, then you can also say this about a blog. If you are blogging only about bicycles then it’s because you need bicycles and it’s only bicycles on your mind.

Of course, you can have as many blog as you like but is the passion in your heart equally distributed into those blogs?

Are you perhaps experimenting through various blogs?

Is it time to just stick to one?

Who about having ONE blog which encompasses the different aspects of your personality?

A blog that has bicycles on Fridays and Chinese food on Tuesdays?

Think about it.

Now back to our topic.

Or did I cover it satisfactorily?

No, I haven’t. Because I forgot to give you a link to a post I wrote for Freelance Writing Dreams and it was about this. What to blog about if you have too much on your mind.

Maybe what I did was right. It was my way. But I wouldn’t do it again. I would start with a blog that was more generic. Still, would that many any sense? Who knows.

All I know is this: Today, my mosaic blog gets lots of visits even if I don’t post. And it’s through that blog that I learned how to blog and network with other bloggers. And for some of those bloggers, I can say I feel blessed to know them.

A presto.


-Did you go or are you going through something similar? What’s your approach?

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Writing, rewriting and not giving up on a topic

{You don’t need to show everything you write.
There are other solutions.}


The process of writing is full of surprises for the person who writes. It doesn’t always matter if they are pleasant or unpleasant surprises. What matters is that you continue to write unraveling layers of your mind that you didn’t know exist.

Continue reading “Writing, rewriting and not giving up on a topic”

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The exciting unpredictability of the writing process

{When you least expect it, you write it.}


Today I consumed myself in ironing shirts. I wrote nothing until now and it’s 16.08. But I have been thinking a lot. Again.

I was pondering on how on earth did I come up with my latest post ‘The “bohemian” freelancer’ (which was shared a few times on Twitter and got an interesting comment here by fellow translator Ela Hoffman).

I was trying to remember what I was writing about and trust me it had nothing to do with being bohemian.

The post was initially called “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and at some point while writing the mountain post I used the word bohemian. At some stage I changed the name of that post and temporarily called it “Make changes, not choices”. Do bear with me here as I am trying to get the pieces of this mosaic together…


I liked the word “bohemian” and I realised that as I was writing about mountains not being high enough, another topic was coming to light. Which translates to some confusion.

Since the bohemian idea intrigued me, I decided to start writing a new post.

And there you have the post I never decided I wanted to write being the one I fell in love with, not to mention I began using the hashtag #thebohemianinyou.

I am now looking at my watch. It’s 16.15. I better stop writing now before another topic emerges.

Thank you for loving the unpredictable bohemian post guys! Seems like there’s a Club of Bohemian Translators out there on the rise….



PS: the picture I used in this post is from “How to be bohemian: 14 steps (with pictures)” onWikihow

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This is the day…



 …that this blog sees the light of day.

It’s actually 20.34 so this is the night that I start this blog.

I should get back to work now which translates to fixing my eyes on the computer screen for the next 4 hours till it’s bed time working on a very challenging long pdf document pertaining to a Statuto of a company that needs to be translated from Italian into Greek. Phew…

A presto,