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The many faces of Tilda Swinton (on freelancer’s versatility)

Tilda Swinton from the film “Only lovers left alive.”

“Tilda Swinton is 55 years old”. This is the title of the article I was reading last night. As I was scrolling the incredibly diverse pictures from movies with the Scottish actress, famous for her role as Orlando, I realised I had something to write about. I had no idea what but Tilda’s “many faces” are bound to give me ideas.

I remember reading a stunning article on The Guardian a few years ago, before becoming a translator. It was about the talented, intriguing and unusual Tilda Swinton, actress, model, icon of noble descent with looks and gaze of a solemn, aristocratic yet familiar character, both a woman of next door and a lady to respect. What sets her apart is that singular chameleontic appearance, a self which seems to float between characters, a person of many layers and faces, yet as authentic as one can be.

Life is bound to throw circumstances at you which you might not expect. You might need to shift your focus. Learn your lesson. Read a new book. Finish the one you started. Not to mention continue writing the one you started. Which translates to… an overwhelming loose ends to take care of.

Keeping up appearances is old school. And it is boring. I’d go for a change of direction even if it is on terms of how I perceive life’s events and challenges. I still wear the same outfit. But I wear it with a new conscience. State of mind. I elaborate what happens to me and I don’t want to convince anyone about the changes. I change. The many faces I have are basically one face reflecting an acknowledged and essential versatility.

Many faces means many resources for better life management.

As freelancers, we ought to be as flexible as we can possibly be. This applies not just to how we communicate and work but to how we perceive things and what we learn from life. The learning process requires flexibility. You need to “bend” your convictions if you want to move forward.

Flexibility requires you to act and be someone else so you can be yourself. You are the administrator, the translator, the proofreader, the business owner, the cook, the parent. It is a process.

Happy birthday Tilda Swinton!

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Palissandro Vivace or…how translation work reminds you not to “forget” the little details

Yesterday was one of those days. Precisely for that reason, I’m “pampering” myself with a quick post this morning before I continue working. I woke up at 7.45 which isn’t good enough. I was actually hoping to post this yesterday but it was impossible. So this is a somewhat vivace post that serves as a break from translation. Oh, and talking about breaks I know that a real break is away from the computer screen.

Palissandro vivace – the inspiration for this post – is ..a hair colour I was translating yesterday and I must admit it wasn’t easy to translate it into Greek. Palissandro is rosewood in English.

Now, what did this lively rosewood reminded me of?

That I bought a hair colour in Greece – the brand is KORRES, a Greek brand, and I completely forgot about it. I did look at it before putting it on the shelf when I unpacked but I fear that if I don’t use it now, I will forget about it and it will go out of date (like I did with another hair colour product) which translates to dedicating no time for the nice, little details of everyday life.

Perhaps this post might serve as a reminder?!

A presto.