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All I want for Christmas is knowledge


There isn’t any better gift I can think of right now except knowledge. Because it is through knowledge that one can evolve professionally, culturally and – why not – financially.

Following a rather tricky legal translation, I decided that it would be more than beneficial if I could dedicate (create) time between translations to read the Greek Code of Civil Procedure and/or relevant material which translates to making more compromises and other acts of balance to fit this in.

I have found the Greek Code of Civil Procedure on the internet and it’s comprised of 183 pages but I am not scared. I am actually very happy. This is the link:

kodikas-politikis-dikonomias.pdf (Code of Civil Procedure)

Besides reading the Greek Code of Civil Procedure, there are some Italian sites I have either recently discovered or currently using which are great for legal terminology and understanding.
Simone Edizioni

– What is it that you want for Christmas that will help you improve your translation skills?