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The unbearable lightness of the smartphone

{once upon a time there was lightness which had absolutely nothing to do with technology…}

There’s always so much to deal with. All those tweets, the links, random bookmarks, this and that. Tidbits of information that could be useful tomorrow but they are actually impeding your creativity today. Which translates to a blurred vision of our dreams. And it is frustrating.

It’s FRUSTRATING to have all this technology in your hands, to have the possibility of networking and do simple marketing through social media and yet to let yourself be bitten by wicked spidery procrastination beasts on the net.

We have access to so many things and yet we only need very few.

At times we are lost.

You want to catch up with people, you want to talk and sometimes vent, you want to walk in the park and of course when work comes in it all comes to a halt.

What do you do?

When will you work on your dream project?

When will you write or read?

When will you remove Twitter from your Smartphone?

Why does everything need to be on your Smartphone?

It would seem that the Smartphone is crucial but – besides email notifications – why should a device be such a vital acessory of your existence, your being?

Talk about the unbearable lightness of being!

We are inundated with too much information, tweets and retweets and the more digital we become, the more we realise that there’s little to gain if we don’t stay focused.

I don’t know but it seems to me that the more “lightness” you let into your life, the heavier you will feel and the less you will create.

Lightness is heavy.

Loads (lots) to bear.

Think. Erase what you absolutely have not time for now and when you will eventually have time, you can always put it back.

Keep what you need. Talk to the people that care about you. Be with the people you care about. Keep the love. Let go of the heavy stuff.

Less is more.

{What do you think? Is your Smartphone getting in your way? Do you wish you lived a more natural life?…}

A presto,



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Changing our movement habits in our everyday activities with the Alexander technique


Today a post on Olga Arakelyan’s blog Your professional translator had me thinking. It reminded me of how much I used to dance and the dance courses I attended in the past and so forth. One of the things, I vividly and passionately recall is the Alexander Technique.

And I just had to write something about it.

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