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Other writing work of mine appearing online:

Combining freelance translation and parenting (and growing your business gradually) – Prevention, pacifier strategies, tips and more

7 ways professional translators share their creativity with the world

Fernando Pessoa, translator

Translators are dot connectors

ITI Bulletin* articles:

Joining the dots (Sept/Oct 2015):

With this article, I share an introspective approach that translators might find interesting to try on their quest to find how to best diversify their services, if they choose to do so.

Baby steps (Jan/Feb 2016):

As the trends and practices in parenting and motherhood change within a constantly changing world where many women are more likely to become mothers after 30 and where information on pregnancy is widely available, the opportunities for translators and interpreters in this “happy” industry are rather fascinating. Writing this article to me meant combining what I learned both as a parent and a translator.


* The Bulletin of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting is an award-winning bimonthly magazine with a circulation of 3000 and readership of more than three times that.

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